Willoughby-Eastlake City School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education is concerned with the physical and mental well-being of the students of this District and will cooperate in the identification and reporting of cases of child abuse or neglect in accordance with law.

Every Board official and employee who, in connection with his/her position, knows or suspects child abuse or neglect must immediately report that knowledge or suspicion to a public children's services or local law enforcement agency. Such reporting is required in every case that reasonably indicates that a child under the age of eighteen (18) or a physically or mentally disabled child under the age of twenty-one (21) has been abused (physically or mentally) or neglected or faces the threat of being abused or neglected.

The Board official and employee making the report shall also notify the appropriate administrator according to the District's Reporting Procedure for Student Abuse or Neglect.

Each principal should be mindful of the possibility of physical or mental abuse being inflicted on a student by an employee. Any such instances, whether real or alleged, should be dealt with in accordance with the administrative guidelines established by the Superintendent. Board officials and employees must report suspected abuse to a public children's services or local law enforcement agency even when the suspected abuser is another official or employee.

The identity of the reporting person shall be confidential, subject only to disclosure by consent or court order. Information concerning alleged child abuse of a student is confidential information and is not to be shared with any unauthorized person. A staff member who violates this policy may be subject to disciplinary action and/or civil and/or criminal penalties.

In accordance with law, the Board will provide appropriate instruction on personal safety and assault prevention to all students in grades K-6. In order to develop programs that are appropriate and effective, the Superintendent is authorized to consult with public and/or private agencies or individuals involved in child abuse prevention and intervention. In addition, the Superintendent shall provide a program of in-service education on school safety, and violence prevention including human trafficking content, youth suicide awareness and prevention, and prevention of child abuse, violence and substance abuse and promotion of positive youth development, including a review of Policy 5517.01 Bullying and Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior, for all nurses, teachers, counselors, school psychologists and administrators who work in the District's elementary, middle and high schools.

The Board shall develop the suicide awareness and prevention curriculum in consultation with public or private agencies or persons involved in youth suicide awareness and prevention programs.

The in-service education provided to middle and high school employees shall include training in the prevention of dating violence.

All newly-employed nurses, teachers, counselors, school psychologists and administrators who work in the District's elementary, middle and high schools shall complete at least four (4) hours of in-service training within two (2) years of the date of employment. Further, all middle and high school nurses, teachers, counselors, school psychologists and administrators employed by the District as of October 16, 2009, must complete the initial four (4) hours of in-service training no later than October 16, 2011. Additional training must occur every five (5) years thereafter.

A law enforcement officer or children's services agency investigating child abuse or neglect may interview a student on school grounds only in accordance with Board Policy 5540.

R.C. 2151.421, 3313.60, 3319.073

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