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It is the policy of the Board of Education that when the District receives in trust from a public agency information identified to be confidential or exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, Common Law, Privilege Case Law, or Federal Law, the Board will maintain the confidentiality of said information to the maximum extent permitted by the law.

Further, employees must not divulge confidential information contained in any records and files of this Board.

Employees must not divulge confidential information contained in the records and files of this Board, except to other employees who may need such information in connection with their duties and to authorize parties in accordance with proper departmental procedures.

Neither the Board nor its employees shall permit the release of the social security number of an employee, student, or other individual except as authorized by law (see AG 8350). Documents containing social security numbers shall be restricted to those employees who have a need to know that information or a need to access those documents. When documents containing social security numbers are no longer needed, they shall be shredded by an employee who has authorized access to such records.

Freedom of Information Act requests shall only be responded to in accordance with the Districtís Policy.

If an employee is approached to provide information inappropriately, the employee must refuse to release the requested information in accordance with applicable procedures, and should refer the requestor to the employee's immediate supervisor.

Any employee who inappropriately releases information, or uses confidential information for personal reasons, will be disciplined in accordance with established policies and procedures.

In order to prohibit the unauthorized disclosure of information identified as confidential by a sending public agency, the Board may seek to obtain court protection by:

 A.denying requests for release of such information absent subpoena or court order;

 B.pursuing motions to quash or protective orders to prohibit unauthorized disclosure.

When possible, the Board will attempt to notify the sending public agency of the request for release of such information prior to complying with the request.

Employees who intentionally violate this policy are subject to discipline, up to and including discharge.

The Superintendent shall assure that employees receive a copy of and have readily available access to this policy.

Freedom of Information Act 1976, paragraph 15.243 et seq.
M.C.L. 445.83, 445.84

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