School District of Shiocton
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education shall provide instructional materials and equipment, within budgetary constraints, to implement the District's educational goals and objectives and to meet students' needs. The primary objective of such instructional materials and equipment shall be to enrich, support, and implement the educational program of the school.

The Board does not discriminate on the basis of any characteristic protected under State or Federal law including, but not limited to race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex, (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability ("Protected Classes") in its selection of instructional materials and equipment.

The District Administrator shall develop administrative guidelines for the selection and maintenance of all educational and instructional materials and equipment. In addition s/he shall periodically, provide for a systematic review, by the Board, of the District's educational resources in order to ensure that they are appropriate for the current educational program. Any revisions that occur should be a result of the school-improvement process.

Students shall be held responsible for the cost of replacing any materials or properties which are lost or damaged through their negligence.

Cost of materials may be charged for materials used in those activities beyond the basic curriculum in which a student elects to participate, particularly in shop activities where the product becomes the property of the student.

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Revised 4/22/13
Revised 4/13/15

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