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The Board of Education establishes the following entrance age requirements for students, which are consistent with statute and sound educational practice, and directs that all eligible students be treated in an equitable manner.


A child is eligible for entrance into kindergarten if s/he attains the age of five (5) on or before the 1st day of August of the year in which s/he applies for entrance. A child under age six (6) who is enrolled in kindergarten will be considered of compulsory school age.

The Board may admit to kindergarten such children as may be ineligible by reason of age but demonstrate the ability and need to undertake a program of education when recommended by the acceleration evaluation committee through the early entrance process. The Board will admit to kindergarten any child who has not attained the entrance age requirement of this District, but who was properly enrolled in an approved public school kindergarten before transferring to this District.

First Grade

A child is eligible for entrance into first grade if s/he has satisfactorily completed the kindergarten program of this District or an equivalent program elsewhere and has been recommended by the teacher for advancement to the first grade. This requirement may only be waived if the child turns six (6) on or before September 30th of the year of admittance and the acceleration evaluation committee decides it is appropriate for the child.

Pursuant to R.C. 3321.01, all children who will not be the proper age for entrance to kindergarten or first grade shall be evaluated for early admittance if referred by the child’s parent, an educator with the District, a pre-school educator who knows the child, or a pediatrician or psychologist who knows the child. Such children may also be evaluated at the discretion of the principal of the school to which the student may be admitted.

Before a student is evaluated for early entrance, the principal or designee of the school to which the child may be admitted shall obtain written permission from the child’s parent/guardian.

Children referred for early entrance will be evaluated in a prompt manner. The principal of the school to which the child may be admitted shall convene an acceleration evaluation committee to determine whether early entrance is appropriate for that child. The acceleration evaluation committee shall be comprised of the following:

 A.The parent/legal guardian or a representative designated by the parent/guardian of the student being considered for early entrance; this individual will be invited to the meeting and permitted to share any relevant evidence for the committee’s consideration.

 B.The District gifted education team and, if needed, a school psychologist or school counselor with expertise in early entrance.

 C.The principal or assistant principal of the school to which the student may be admitted.

 D.A teacher at the grade level to which the student may be admitted.

The acceleration evaluation committee shall be responsible for conducting a fair and thorough evaluation of the student.

Children considered for early entrance shall be evaluated based on multiple criteria which may include:

 A.intelligence test scores,

 B.standardized test achievement scores,

 C.behavior rating scales,

 D.information provided by the parent on the application and,

 E.information provided by the early childhood provider.

Following the evaluation the parent/guardian will be informed to inform him/her of the committee’s decision and invited to discuss the results of the evaluation. If appropriate, the nature of the kindergarten or first grade program will be discussed. The parent/guardian will be provided with a written summary of the outcome of the evaluation process. This notification shall include instructions for appealing the outcome of the evaluation process.

If a child is recommended for early entrance, the acceleration evaluation committee will develop a written acceleration plan for that child. The plan will specify placement of the child in the accelerated setting and strategies to support successful early entrance.

The acceleration evaluation team shall specify an appropriate transition period for early entrants. A school staff member will be assigned to oversee the implementation of the acceleration plan and to monitor the child’s adjustment to the early entrance. The building principal may request a meeting with the acceleration evaluation committee to evaluate the child’s progress in the accelerated setting.

At any time during the transition period, a parent/guardian of the child may request in writing that the child be withdrawn from the accelerated placement. In such cases, the principal shall remove the child without repercussions.

The Superintendent shall require that each child who registers for entrance to school exhibit his/her birth certificate or similar documentation authorized by law as proof of age and birthdate, and a certified copy of any custody order or decree, together with any modification in such an order or decree. No child may be entered without such visual proof. Health records and any school records must be presented by the parents at registration.

If such documents are not provided, the child may be admitted under the Superintendent’s guidelines. Appropriate law enforcement authorities may be notified.

Each child entering the District’s kindergarten or first grade program for the first time must be properly screened for any medical or health problems, as well as those related to hearing, vision, speech, and communications. The cost for such screening shall be paid by the District.

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Reviewed 6/94; Readopted 7/94
Reviewed 7/00; Readopted 8/00
Revised 10/02; Readopted 11/02
Revised 9/06; Readopted 10/06
Revised 11/06; Readopted 12/06
Revised 1/07; Readopted 2/07
Revised 5/20/13

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