Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education believes that the Treasurer of the School System has responsibilities, in addition to those required by law, that can help the Board achieve its goals, by providing leadership and supervision in the program of fiscal management.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the performance of the following duties and responsibilities:

 A.sign all checks of the Board

 B.deduct from the wages and salaries of teachers amounts authorized by the teacher and Board

 C.produce all money, bonds, and securities in his/her hands at the expiration of his/her term

 D.deliver all books and papers in his/her hands to his/her successor at the expiration of his/her term

 E.keep an account of all County funds and maintain all records pertaining thereto in the manner described by law

 F.render a statement of accounts to the Board and Superintendent in the form prescribed by law and at the times required by law and by the Board

 G.file a statement with the WVDE Office of School Finance and the State Auditor at the time and in the form required by law

 H.execute all conveyances of the Board the qualifications specified for the position by law

In addition, the Treasurer shall:

 A.establish and maintain long-range fiscal plans and prepare the annual budget based on County resources and needs;

 B.ensure that all County fiscal activities comply with the laws and regulations of the State, the negotiated agreements and policies of the Board, and the rules of the Superintendent;

 C.provide for all efficient management of the County fiscal systems of purchasing and supply management;

 D.ensure that proper personnel are employed and position(s) level(s) adequately maintained in the areas of his/her responsibility;

 E.increase the capability of his/her staff through supervision and in-service training;

 F.analyze the effectiveness of those County programs in his/her areas of responsibility and recommend changes in program, staffing, or management strategies as necessary;

 G.ensure efficient use of resources toward the achievement of County goals; cooperatively with the Superintendent and staff toward the achievement of County objectives; interpret the budget and the County affairs under his/her supervision to interested members of the community;

 J.improve personal capabilities in financial strategies and supervisory methods.

Observation of his/her performance and preparation of performance reports shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent.