Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


On or before the first Monday in May, the Board of Education shall upon recommendation of the Superintendent appoint a Treasurer for the Board. The Treasurer shall be the fiscal officer of the Board, or an employee designated as the person in charge of the fiscal affairs of the County Board, or the County sheriff. Once a Board has appointed a person other than the sheriff, the sheriff cannot be appointed to act as Treasurer in any subsequent year.

Upon appointment, this person shall be titled and referred to as the Treasurer of the Board. For the faithful performance of this duty, the Treasurer shall execute a bond, to be approved by the Board, in the penalty to be fixed by the Board, not to exceed the amount of funds estimated the Treasurer will handle within any two (2) month period. The premium for such bond shall be paid by the Board.

The Board shall seek a highly qualified person to fill the position of Treasurer, whenever that position may be open.

All persons considered for the position of Treasurer shall provide evidence of their training and experience in the fields of accounting, State and Federal laws related to School County budgeting and financing, financial report preparation, and budget and accounting management as required by statute and the standards of the State Board of Education.

Any candidate’s intentional misstatement of fact material to his/her qualifications for employment or the determination of his/her salary shall be considered to constitute grounds for dismissal.

§18-9-6, Code of West Virginia