Morgan County Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Superintendent of Schools shall strive to achieve County goals for students by providing educational direction and supervision to the professional staff and supervision to the service personnel staff and by acting as a proper model for staff and students both within and without the school setting and the County.

The Superintendent shall be directly responsible to the Board of Education for the performance of the following duties and responsibilities:

 A.ensure that all aspects of County operation comply with State laws and regulations as well as Board contracts and policies

 B.ensure proper implementation of the current County-wide instructional plan as it applies to each building

 C.strive to increase the efficient use of County resources in the daily operations of the schools

 D.assign staff to achieve the maximum benefit toward the attainment of educational goals

 E.evaluate the progress of the professional and service personnel staff toward the attainment of educational goals

 F.analyze the results of instructional program development as it applies to the Board's educational goals

 G.recommend changes in instructional or staffing patterns based on an analysis of staff and program progress cooperatively with parents and community groups concerned with programs in the schools cooperatively with the Board and administrative staff

 J.strive toward the highest standards of personal conduct

 K.act as the chief executive officer of the Board as may be delineated in his/her contract of other written agreement with the Board, and, under the direction of the State Board, and execute under the directions of the State Board all its educational policies

 L.nominate all personnel to be employed; in case the Board refuses to employ any or all of the persons nominated, the Superintendent shall nominate others and submit to the Board
  No person(s) shall be employed except on the nomination of the Superintendent.

 M.assign, transfer, suspend or promote teachers and all other school employees of the County subject only to the approval of the Board, and to recommend to the Board their dismissal promptly to the Board in such a manner as it directs whenever any school in the County appears to be failing to meet the standards for improving pursuant to WV Code 18-2E-5

 O.close a school temporarily when conditions are detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of the students

 P.certify all expenditures and monthly payrolls of teachers and employees

 Q.serve as the secretary of the Board and attend all meetings of the Board or its committees, except when the tenure, salary, or administration of the Superintendent is under consideration

 R.administer oaths and examine witnesses under oath in any proceedings pertaining to the schools of the County, and have the testimony reduced to writing

 S.keep the Board apprised continuously of any issues that affect the Board or its schools, programs and initiatives
  The Superintendent shall report to the Board on these issues using any appropriate means agreeable to both parties.
  When practicable, the reports shall be fashioned to include a broad array of data and information that the Board may consult to aid in making decisions.

 T.exercise all other authority granted by statute or required by the County or State Boards the case of an emergency, act in the best interests of the schools
  An emergency, is limited to an unforeseeable, catastrophic event including natural disasters or act of war.
  The Superintendent may not override any statutory or constitution provision except where it is specifically provided by statute.

 V.visit schools as often as practicable observe and make suggestions concerning the instruction and classroom management of the schools and their sanitary conditions to the Board cases of incompetence, neglect of duty, immorality, or misconduct in office of any teacher or employee

 X.recommend for condemnation of buildings unfit for school use his/her discretion, call meetings of principals and teachers to discuss the work of schools of the County to the Board the progress and general condition of the schools

 AA.make reports as required by the State Superintendent.
  In case the Superintendent fails to report as required, the State Superintendent may direct the salary of the Superintendent be withheld until an acceptable report is received.

 BB.perform all other duties prescribed by statute or by the Board of Education

WV Code 18-4-10 and 11