Madison Consolidated Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes that the local community offers many programs and events that provide learning experiences which are not available in the schools and which can help students become more literate, cultured, productive human beings.

The Board seeks to maintain continuing communication with those groups and organizations that enrich the life of the community and authorizes the Superintendent to cooperate with their leaders both in the use of Corporation resources that can aid their efforts and ensuring that members of the staff and student body are made aware of education-related activities of these groups. Further, the Board encourages members of the staff to make their many talents and specialized knowledge available, as time permits, to enhance the quality of such community activities.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines which will better ensure:



community activities and events which are related to Corporation Courses of Study are incorporated, as appropriate, into such courses as either required or enrichment assignments;



school activities to which the public is invited are scheduled, to the extent possible, so as not to conflict with other events in the community which would appeal to the same audience. Such scheduling conflicts not only diminish the attendance at both the school and the community activities but also deprive the students and staff from deriving the benefits from participation in community programs which enhance learning and the quality of life.

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