Jefferson Area Local School District
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education strongly supports the School-to-Work Opportunities Act as a vehicle to help the District prepare students more effectively for the world of work. Through this legislation, the District will be able to provide students with the following learning experiences needed to develop career-related knowledge, attitudes, and skills as well as life-long learning skills:

 A.School-based Learning which includes career awareness, exploration, and counseling and the integration of academic and vocational learning.

 B.Work-based Learning which provides students with a planned program of job training and/or various types of work experiences that are coordinated with school-based learning.

 C.Connecting Activities which are designed to ensure that there is effective correlation and coordination between what students learn in school and what they learn at worksites.

The Superintendent is authorized to design and implement school-to-work activities and programs, both independently for this District and in cooperation with other districts, that create the three (3) types of learnings described above. In addition, s/he should take the steps necessary to implement Board Policy 9555 - Partnerships with Business and also ensure that the District is participating actively in alliances, consortia, and/or committees that are coordinating school-to-work initiatives in this area.

The Superintendent's guidelines for the development and implementation of school-to-work activities/programs need to provide for the following concerns of the Board:

 A.Proposals are submitted to obtain planning and/or implementation funds from the State and other sources, when available and appropriate.

 B.Informed parental consent will be obtained for any out-of-district activities such as career-awareness trips, job shadowing, work experiences, and the like.

 C.Proper supervision is being provided all students when they are participating in learning activities in off-school sites.

 D.Emphasis is being placed throughout the program on the development/reinforcement of a high-quality work ethic by every student.

 E.Each learning activity/program will have defined objectives with clear correlation to career preparation and a means for assessing how well each student is achieving the objectives.

 F.All activities/programs will comply with associated Board policies and District guidelines as well as applicable Federal/State laws.

As appropriate to a particular program initiative, the Superintendent may request waivers from the State on certain statutory or regulatory provisions that are contained in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Applied Technology Act.

The Superintendent shall keep the Board informed periodically on the progress of the District toward the goals of this important program.

Public Law 103-239, School-to-Work Initiatives Act of 1994

Adopted 9/15/04