Jefferson Area Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The following guidelines have been developed to assist principals in working with staff to establish appropriate homework assignments:

 A.All homework assignments should have a specific purpose related to the learning objectives of a program or course.

 B.Homework assignments should be appropriate to the grade level and the abilities of the students involved.

 C.Assignments should involve application of knowledge, reinforcement of communication, research and other skills, and should provide experiences which strengthen attitudes and allow for creativity.

 D.Punishment assignments should never be given.

 E.The purpose of homework, in terms of the goals of a program, should be clear to the student when assigned, the work corrected when returned, and both the strengths and weaknesses of his/her work communicated in ways which provide for improved performance.

 F.As part of the process of using homework as a learning tool, students should be involved in learning how to critique their own and each others' work based on clearly-defined criteria related to the particular program or course of study.

 G.The time limits for the completion of homework should: reasonable and consistent with the nature of the assignments given;

  2.provide for interim appraisal of progress where assignments involve blocks of time;

  3.include a reasonable time for make-up of missed homework assignments and/or improvements based on teacher comments.

 H.Parents should be made aware of the District's homework guidelines as well as the way each of their child's teachers will be using homework as a learning activity.