Greeneview Local School District
Administrative Guidelines


The Liaison for Homeless Children and Youth is responsible for safeguarding the rights of children and youth experiencing homelessness who attend school in this District. The Liaison must be notified immediately upon the enrollment or assignment of a homeless child/youth. The Liaison will coordinate District operations and services so that:



homeless children/youth are identified, with special attention given to the locating and enrolling of homeless children/youth who are not currently attending school;



homeless children/youth have a full and fair opportunity to succeed in school;



homeless families and children/youth receive all educational services for which they are eligible, including any District preschool programs, and referrals to health care services, dental services, mental health services, and other appropriate services;



parents or guardians of homeless students are informed of the educational and related opportunities available to their children and are provided with meaningful opportunities to participate in their children's education;



public notice of the educational rights of homeless children/youth is disseminated at locations where homeless families and children/youth receive services, such as schools, family shelters, soup kitchens, public aid offices, city hall, food pantries, public libraries, court houses, and police stations;



enrollment/assignment disputes between the District and homeless parents/guardians/unaccompanied youth are mediated/handled in accordance with Board policy, District guidelines, applicable laws, and the State Consolidated Plan;



the parents or guardians of any homeless child and any unaccompanied homeless minor are fully informed of all transportation services, including transportation to the school of origin, and are assisted in accessing transportation to the school that is appropriately selected;



appropriate data is collected and reported regarding homeless children and youth as required by the U.S. Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Education for use in making necessary program adjustments.

Upon enrollment of a child or youth experiencing homelessness, the Liaison will coordinate with appropriate administrative staff to assure that the school last attended by the child/youth is immediately contacted to provide relevant academic or other relevant records. If upon enrollment the student does not have any immunization required for enrollment by State law or any other medical records, the Liaison will assist the family or student in obtaining the immunizations or necessary medical records. The Liaison will also contact the Director of Transportation to assure transportation of the homeless student is provided in accordance with the Board's Transportation Policy.

Any disputes regarding the enrollment or assignment of a homeless student will be referred to the Liaison for expeditious resolution. When a dispute arises over school selection or enrollment, the child or youth shall be immediately admitted to the school in which enrollment is sought, pending resolution of the dispute, and shall be provided with all services for which they are eligible while the dispute is being resolved. Parents, guardians, and unaccompanied youth should be informed that they can provide written or oral documentation to support their views. Written documentation initiated at the building level or by the Liaison should be complete, as brief as possible, simply stated, and provided in a language the parent, guardian, or unaccompanied youth can understand.

The Liaison should attempt to resolve disputes within five (5) school days. Any dispute which cannot be resolved by the Liaison should be reported to the State Coordinator for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth at the Ohio Department of Education. According to State guidelines, the State Coordinator has an additional five (5) school days from the time of notification to bring about resolution. Individuals not satisfied with the State Coordinator's proposed resolution can appeal such decision to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction within five (5) school days for final resolution of the dispute.

As part of his/her assigned duties, the Liaison will coordinate and collaborate with the State Coordinator for Homeless Children and other community and school personnel responsible for providing education and related services to homeless children, including, but not limited to:



School District services with local social service agencies and other agencies or programs providing services to homeless children and their families; and



With other school districts on inter-district issues, such as transportation or the transfer of school records.

Such coordination should be designed to: (1) facilitate homeless children/youth having access and reasonable proximity to available education and related support services; and (2) raise the awareness of school personnel and service providers of the effects of short-term stays in a shelter and other challenges associated with homelessness.

As part of his/her assigned duties, the Liaison for Homeless Children and Youth will inform school personnel, services providers and advocates working with homeless families about his/her duties.

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