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Administrative Guidelines


Reimbursement for approved professional travel will be based on business-related expenses incurred solely by the employee upon submission of a properly completed and approved professional travel reimbursement form.

The Superintendent approves all professional travel reimbursement forms.

If approved in advance, the following are reimbursable upon submission of receipts and documentation:



conference registration fees



transportation - plane, train or automobile, including buses, taxis and limousines



mileage at the Board approved rate



toll charges and parking



lodging (In most instances reimbursement will be limited to the Conference rate, however, exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances as determined by the Treasurer.)





Official Conference banquets will be reimbursed at actual cost (prior approval required).



phone calls for District business and reasonable calls home

Emergency and/or unanticipated trips involving Board expense(s) may be approved by the Superintendent and/or the Treasurer.

The Board will not pay personal expenses beyond the cost of the convention.

The expenses will be reimbursed within the budgetary appropriation.

Advance payment may be paid only for the following: conference registration fees, plane and train fares; car rental; meal stipend (receipts not required); and lodging. Cancellation fees will be covered if beyond the employee's control. When advance payments are made, the employee must adequately account for (i.e., substantiate) his/her actual expenses within a reasonable period (i.e., within thirty (30) days) of the expenses being paid or incurred. If the advance payments exceed the employee’s actual expenses, s/he must return the excess payment within a reasonable period (i.e., within thirty (30) days) after the expenses are paid or incurred. Failure to return any excess payment within a reasonable period may result in disciplinary action, and the excess amount shall be reflected as compensation to the employee on his/her annual W-2 form.

In order to substantiate an expense, the employee must provide the Superintendent with a completed professional travel reimbursement form in which s/he describes each expense at or near the time s/he had it, along with documentary evidence (such as receipts, cancelled checks, and/or bills) of the employee’s travel or other business-related expense. Documentary evidence must show the amount, date, place, and essential character of the expense. For example, a hotel receipt must contain the following information: name and location of the hotel; dates the employee stayed there; and separate amounts for charges such as lodging, meals, and telephone calls. Similarly, a restaurant receipt must contain: name and location of the restaurant; number of people served; and date and amount of the expense. If an employee has any questions concerning what constitutes appropriate documentary evidence, s/he should ask the Superintendent.

Actual expenses are approved by the Superintendent for professional and classified staff. The Board approves expenses incurred by the Superintendent.

Business related mileage for the District is reimbursable under the following conditions:



Requests for reimbursement are to be submitted on the Monthly Mileage Report. The report must be approved by the Department Head or Principal. Parking receipts are required for reimbursement. Incomplete reports will be returned.



Mileage will be reimbursed at the Board approved rate.



Mileage will be reimbursed during the fiscal year it was incurred. Forms must be submitted to the Business Office within sixty (60) days of travel. All travel during the months of May and June must be submitted by June 30th to be reimbursed within the current fiscal year.



Monthly Mileage Reports submitted after the deadlines stated above will not be reimbursed.

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