Dublin City School District
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This Policy and any Administrative Guidelines developed hereunder control over other policies and guidelines, including but not limited to Policy 5330.

In accordance with state law, the Board of Education, the Superintendent, and/or the Superintendentís designee(s) shall procure Naloxone ("Narcan") for use in emergency situations. Narcan is a drug that may be obtained, pursuant to state law, with or without a prescription and is used to treat individuals who are experiencing, or may be experiencing, an opioid-related overdose. The Superintendent may adopt Administrative Guidelines governing the procurement, maintenance and use of Narcan at school, in emergency situations. The Superintendent shall consult with a licensed health professional when developing any such Administrative Guidelines.

The Administrative Guidelines shall:



specify the individuals (by position) employed by the Board who may, in accordance with law, procure Narcan;



include the physician-established protocol(s), as required by law;



identify the location(s) in each school building where Narcan shall be stored;



specify the conditions under which Narcan must be stored, replaced, and disposed of;



specify the individuals (by position) employed by or under contract with the Board, in addition to a licensed school nurse, who are authorized to access and use Narcan in emergency situations;



specify the training that Board employees or contractors must complete before being authorized to access and administer Narcan; and



specify that the assistance from an emergency medical service provider (911) must be requested as soon as practicable before or after Narcan is administered.

To the extent provided by law, the Board, its members, employees and contractors shall not be liable criminally and/or civilly for acts or omissions associated with procuring, maintaining, accessing, or using Narcan in emergency situations as prescribed by this Policy and any Administrative Guidelines.

R.C. 4729.44, 4730.431, 4730.94, 4731.941 and 2925.61; OAC 4729-5-39

Adopted 6/13/16