Centreville Public Schools
Bylaws & Policies


The Board of Education believes that hazing activities of any type are inconsistent with the educational process and prohibits all such activities at any time in school facilities, on school property, and at any District-sponsored event.

Hazing shall be defined for purposes of this policy as performing any act or coercing another, including the victim, to perform any act of initiation into any class, group, team, or organization that causes or creates a risk of causing mental, emotional, or physical harm. Permission, consent, or assumption of risk by an individual subjected to hazing shall not lessen the prohibitions contained in this policy.

Hazing involves conduct such as but not limited to:

 A.illegal activity, such as drinking or drugs;

 B.physical punishment or infliction of pain;

 C.intentional humiliation or embarrassment;

 D.dangerous activity;

 E.activity likely to cause mental or psychological stress;

 F.forced detention or kidnapping;

 G.undressing or otherwise exposing initiates.

[NOTE: If the school club or organization does not have an official and approved initiation procedure, and if no school staff is involved in the activity, there is a significant likelihood that the activity may result in violation of this policy. Michigan law also makes hazing a crime, punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.]

Administrators, faculty members, and other employees of the District shall be alert particularly to possible situations, circumstances, or events which might include hazing. If hazing or planned hazing is discovered, the students involved shall be informed by the discoverer of the prohibitions contained in this policy and shall be ordered to end all hazing activities or planned activities immediately. All hazing incidents shall be reported immediately to the Superintendent. Students, administrators, faculty members, and other employees who fail to abide by this policy may be subject to disciplinary action and may be held personally liable for civil or criminal penalties.

The Superintendent shall distribute this policy to all students and District employees, and shall incorporate it into building, staff, and student handbooks. It shall also be the subject of discussion at employee staff meetings or in-service programs.

Revised 1/05